Flashing Lights

(Visual Communication)

Learn Morse Code

Learn visual morse code online with the HALO° Flashing Lights simulator! Featuring exercises within a range of difficulty levels to best test and strengthen your knowledge, the HALO° Flashing Lights simulator provides a fun and interactive way to learn visual communications.

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Flashing Lights Simulation

Learning visual communications is a key tool for mariners to have in case of technical or frequency issues with radio equipment, as well as to eliminate language barriers. Vessels within adequate range of each other may communicate using flashing lights, sound signals, or code flags.

Learn Morse Code

As a mariner, it is important to learn morse code in order to communicate with vessels that may be several miles away from each other and to be able to communicate day and night. The HALO° Flashing Lights Simulator will help you learn morse code in addition to the flashcards and material within the Visual Communications course powered by Northeast Maritime Online, NEMO°.

Practice Exams

HALO° will be providing two practice exams for purchase which will test your knowledge on visual communications and make sure you are proficient in all the covered topics. With the HALO° Flashing Lights Simulator you can learn these necessary visual communication methods at home in order to ensure the safety of lives at sea.